Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things as They Really Are--A Warning

Which picture is fake and which picture is real? Read Elder Bednar's talk to find out the answer and why it is important.

“Nearly 40% of men and 53% of women who play online games said their virtual friends were equal to or better than their real-life friends, according to a survey of 30,000 gamers conducted by … a recent Ph.D. graduate from Stanford University. More than a quarter of gamers [who responded indicated that] the emotional highlight of the past week occurred in a computer world.”

I would love for everyone I know and love to study this article. It is not an easy read, or a short read, but very powerful.

My husband and I laugh about the way we sit a few feet from each other in the office. We are each on our own computer and we flirt with each other through facebook. After reading Elder Bednar's talk, maybe it's not so funny.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elder Ballard's Talk

This is What Started It All! Please Join the Conversation!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Belated Easter Post

I have had such a beautiful Easter. I am so grateful for the generous gift of the resurrection. I am so happy for the hope and promise that I will see those angels again who have passed away before me. I am eternally grateful for the love and patience of my Savior. I look forward to seeing Him again the most. I hope that I will KNOW Him and that He will KNOW me.

Service in Africa by Africans

I found this great video on one of my new favorite sites.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I teach early morning seminary to high school age teenagers. This is a class organized by our church. It is a religion class that involves an in depth study of the scriptures. This year the curriculum of study is the New Testament. I really enjoy teaching seminary. It has given me the opportunity to grow closer to Heavenly Father in the process of preparing the lessons for the students.

Through my increased study of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have come to understand just how important the Holy Spirit is. The Spirit is so very important. We can truly learn the gospel only by staying close to the Spirit of the Lord. It is through the Spirit that we develop a testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is through the Spirit that we have the ability to know the will of the Lord and receive the personal revelation that is essential for us to progress in this life.

I have learned that if I think I haven't felt the Spirit in awhile, or haven't had any spiritual experiences lately, I need to determine what I have been doing to drive the Spirit away. The Spirit of the Lord will not dwell in unholy places. When I find something that would keep the Holy Spirit away, I need to change. I need to fix the problem.

I believe one of the most important things about living your life so that the Spirit of the Lord will dwell with you is that it helps you be more submissive to God's will. Even when you live worthily, you will probably not constantly feel the Spirit of the Lord, but you will keep that line of communication open. And you open yourself up to the promptings that come from the Lord. You put yourself in a situation that you have the ability to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in your life.

A testimony of Jesus Christ and the truth of His atonement is revealed by the Spirit of the Lord. That is also how a testimony grows.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I love to visit The Temple

Apparently there will be some attention given to temples in an upcoming TV series. Of course the stance of the church is so positive and respectful. I love it. I hope that I can be as kind and patient if the things I love and respect are treated with disrespect.

Almost every time I go to the temple I am amazed by the love and peace and acceptance I feel there. I am so grateful to have a place of peace in the middle of a noisy world. I am so grateful for a place without cellphones, TV, or daily distractions. There, in the Heavenly peace of the temple, I can feel God's love for me. I can listen for His promptings with little distraction. I am so grateful for the sacrifice and love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Through His immortal Atonement, death is not the end and we can prepare to enjoy eternity with our loved ones.

My husband's grandma passed away last week. It was expected, and in some ways a relief. We will miss her, but we are happy she has no more pain and is reunited with her dear husband. As I thought about her death though, I thought about how universal death is. It is universally inevitable for all people in all times in all cultures. It is the one thing unavoidable for us all, and very few have ever "returned" from death.

So, what a kind, compassionate God we have that would prepare a way through Jesus Christ for us all to overcome this often frightful event. How comforting to know the truth about what comes next. I am so grateful for the kind gift of temples on earth today so I can look forward to the next life with peace and trust and comfort. I love to visit the Temple!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Expanding our Influence

I remember being asked by our prophet when I was a young girl to pray for other countries to open their doors to missionary work. At the time the Soviet Union would not allow missionaries in their countries and I felt like they were our real enemies out to get us. With many Latter-day Saints around the world, my family prayed that they would be open to missionary work. I never imagined that a few years later (when I was 21) I would be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a missionary in a former Soviet Republic. But miracles happen. I still cannot believe how quickly the iron curtain and the Berlin Wall fell.

We have been asked once again by the current prophet to pray for countries to open their doors to missionaries. I believe we will see miracles once again as we do this. As I have prayed for these miracles, I have tried to think of what I could to to help. I have repeatedly had the idea to post my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in as many languages as I can. I eagerly welcome anyone else to participate.


I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know God is my Father in Heaven, and He loves every one of us. I wish that everyone in the world could understand God's love and the Lord's power to save and help us. I know that because of God's love for us, He has revealed the Book of Mormon to help us in our modern day. The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and that I can trust in Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Estonian or eestikeeles:

Ma tean, et Jesus Kristus on meie Päästja
Ma tean, et Jumal on meie Isa Taevas, ja ta armastab meid, iga üks.
Ma soovin, et iga inimene maailmas mõistaks Jumala armastuse, ja Issanda päästav võimu.
Ma tean, et Jumala armastuse tõttu, on Mormoni Raamat ilmunud meie abistamiseks tãnapäeval. Mormoni Raamat tünnistab Jeesusest Kristusest, ja sellest, et ma võin teda usalda.
Jeesuse Kristuse nimel, aamen.