Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gila Valley Temple Dedication

I am so grateful we could go to the Temple Dedication today. I really felt the Holy Spirit of God when President Eyring got up and spoke.

I know He is a Prophet of God and an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that I could take all of my children to the Open House and have our entire family in the Celestial Room together.

That was so cool. I am grateful for all the people who sacrificed and served to create this "Heaven on Earth." I know the Temple really is God's House.


Jeanette said...

The chapel truly felt like an extension of the temple. I felt honored when it was asked that everything inside would be dedicated...and I knew that included me. What a sweet feeling. I'll do my best, and then ask for forgiveness. Did you go to the first session?

Princess Gerty said...

Sorry Jeanette. I just now noticed your comment. I think I went to to the first.